JUNE 24, 1978

An airplane crash five miles northwest of Baker, Oregon, has claimed the lives of four persons. One of the victims was Tracy G. Jones, 35, of Olympia, Washington. He was killed in the crash that occurred about 10 p.m. Saturday, state police said. Witnesses who saw the aircraft go down said the plane may have suffered some structural damage. The plane’s flight plan indicated the four planned to travel from Olympia to Caldwell.

Tracy was born January 11, 1943 and died June 24, 1978. His father was a policeman in Lewiston. On July 13, 1968, Tracy was awarded two purple hearts, a bronze medal and a silver star for heroism in Vietnam. He manned his machine gun although shot in the jaw and knocked from his position.

The bodies were taken to Grays West and CO. Pioneer Chapel.