NOVEMBER 30, 2001

Gordon Max Halsey was fatally injured in a traffic accident Friday, Nov. 30, 2001, in Kona, Hawaii.

He was born April 12, 1943, in Richmond, Calif., to Otis Max and Joan Grant Halsey, both from pioneer farming and ranching families.  He attended schools in Lewiston and California.

Gordon was a man who was loved by many.  He lived in the Lewiston area and managed the tire shop at Lewiston Grain Growers in the 1970s.  He later lived in Troy, Ore., where he owned a tire shop.  Later, moving to Dallas, Ore., where he managed a tire shop for Cenex.  He then moved to Maui, Hawaii, where he joined his father in excavation and then to the island of  Hawaii where he began his own excavation business.

Gordon had diverse interests and was a creative person who loved people.  He was a horseman who raised quarter horses, participated in cutting and team penning, played in a band, had a restaurant and made jewelry when in Oregon.  He owned and drove a race car in Hawaii and loved to garden wherever he was.  His citrus orchard at his home in Hawaii was a source of pleasure for him.  We remember Gordon showing up with a bag of oranges and a big smile, happy to share.  He loved to fish and had a fishing boat in Hawaii and enjoyed returning to Idaho to fish and pan for gold in the North Fork of the Clearwater.  His philosophy of life was based in love for others and he had many friends.

Gordon is survived by his companion, Dawn Carter at the family home in Hawaii; his daughter, Dawn Halsey Freeze; a son, Ross Halsey, both of Lewiston; son,  Jake Halsey of Dallas, Ore.;  three sisters, Cheryll Halsey of Everett, Wash., Alberta Cannon of Marlin, Wash., and Francis Richie of Moses Lake, Wash.; two grandchildren, Jordan Maxwell and Austyn Freeze, both of Lewiston; and many nieces and nephews.

Following cremation, a Hawaiian-style memorial service was held in Hawaii.  A local memorial service is planned at a later date.  Gordon’s wish would have been that loving kindness and peace prevail.